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Strength and Conditioning (S&C)


S&C relates to the development of the physical components (bio-motor qualities) necessary to meet the physical demands of sports performance, injury rehabilitation, and physical activity. This task orientated approach focuses on identifying and prioritising the most important components necessary to meet your goals. Human movement requires development of these bio-motor qualities such as, strength, power, mobility and endurance to optimise performance, in a variety of contexts eg., sport, rehab, and physical activity. Specific protocols are necessary to enhance these components by manipulating variables such as intensity (the demand), volume (how much), frequency (how often), to initiate an positive adaptations to the human system. Resulting in improved performance, efficiency of movement, and the ability to reduce fatigue during a given physical task.


We can meet your individual needs; our team are passionate about applying strength and conditioning to improve sports performance, injury management, enhancing your general physical activities. Helping you get back to the things you love, such as sport, gym, dance, gardening, hiking, and general health. Sussex Movement Clinic are specialists in cultivating these aspects of your physical performance.

Our Clients

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