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Paediatric Podiatry

Paediatric Podiatry is a specialist area within podiatry which focuses on children and young adults’ foot and ankle health.


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Paediatric podiatrists have undertaken specialist training on children’s foot health. This is because children are not little adults, their body is changing and maturing, and signs and symptoms of foot conditions might differ from that of adults. Children might also develop conditions typical only of the maturing body, like heel pain due to calcaneal apophysitis (or Sever’s). Other conditions like foot pain due to bony  blockages or symptomatic flat feet might be identified once they start walking and participating in activities.  

During a consultation in which both parent and child will be in attendance, a thorough assessment will be carried out to understand the foot problem and what might be causing it. Then treatment and a management plan will be developed in accordance to the child’s needs.

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