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Foot and Ankle Pain

The human foot is a complex structure composed of 33 joints and 26 bones, and numerous ligaments, tendons and muscles that help provide movement and stability to the foot. Given the complexity of the foot, it is not uncommon to experience some foot and/or ankle pain at some point in life. Certain activities, like running, jumping, sports like football and contact sports like martial arts have a greater risk of foot and ankle injuries. Not all foot and ankle pain is the same, so a thorough musculoskeletal ( MSK) assessment is required. This involves an assessment of the cause of the pain and structures involved, to help identify and design the best treatment. The assessment might include gait analysis, muscle strength testing and footwear advice. Therefore prior to their appointment our patients are advised to come prepared with shorts and to bring different types of footwear they normally wear to help us carry out a thorough assessment. Depending on the cause and the symptoms, the treatment plan might incorporate a rehabilitation program to get you back to your activities levels, whether is running or playing sports, walking or just getting on with your normal daily activities. The Sussex Movement Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic in the heart of Eastbourne. We provide podiatry, physiotherapy and massage/ soft tissue therapy. Having a range of services allows us to provide the best treatment for our patients. If you are experiencing foot and/or ankle pain, you can book an appointment here.

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